Monday, 8 June 2015

Subject Rant

Many people don't understand that there's more than just a good and bad to transsexuality, in many cases both sides of the argument have a very valid viewpoint. Studies have shown that it's more likely for a transsexual individual to commit suicide after they've had a sex reassignment surgery. I personally believe that all people should have the right to choose to do whatever they wish with their bodies, but I also believe that transsexuality may be rooted in some form of mental illness. Now many people look at me with strange faces when I say that transsexuality is something that is wrong. The only reason I would say this is because if you're transsexual individual that means that you're not in the right body therefore there is something incorrect with your person that should be able to be solved or cured. In fact the best alternative would be to have no transsexual individuals at all because that would mean that everyone is in their right mind and body. I personally know someone who is transsexual and they only realized it once they were around the age of 17. They told me that it wasn't a sudden realization but a slow steady process whereas they came to understand that they felt off about who they were. Now it wasn't immediate that they decided that they wished to be a woman rather they wanted to understand themselves better first, not particularly moving towards a feminine point of view. Only after becoming involved in the LGBTQ community were they able to finally understand how they felt more feminine then masculine in their mindset. In the end I tend to believe that we should allow people to determine for themselves how they want to live their own lives even if it affects them negatively.

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