Monday, 8 June 2015

Blog Review

Now that we've covered most of the topics based in the subject of transsexuality I'd like to review what we've gone over. Hopefully if you didn't know much on the topic before hand you learnt something by reading my blog. I've explained my point of view on the topic various times but now you've been able to see and reflect on how other people view transsexuality and how they related to their lives. Most of the negative points of view were based mostly on bigoted opinions and illogical arguments. Some people are closed to the idea of transsexuality solely because of their religion, while others try and find a more scientific reason for as to why they should not support it. The idea that transsexuality is based in mental illness could be very possible, especially considering the fact that most transsexual individuals after taking their sex change operation were found to be less happy and more prone to suicide. My opinion on transsexuality is based on the idea that the state has no right to dictate what an individual chooses to do with his or her body, as long as no one else is harmed. Not all medical professionals believe that gender reassignment surgery should be considered taboo and the growing acceptance and understanding of the medical community helps to lend credibility to their practices. Though some places still have yet to accept the LGBTQ community, weve still made amazing progress from the 1950s. In time perhaps we can hope for the complete assimilation of LGBTQ men and women into our society.

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