Monday, 8 June 2015

Should Gender be Recognized by the State?

Should gender be removed from birth certificates in Canada? A group of British Columbians says it should and is taking their fight to the province’s Human Rights Tribunal, which has agreed to hear their case.

Morgane Oger, the chair of the Trans Alliance Society in Vancouver, and one of the complainants in the case, argues birth certificates should only contain things that don’t change, like the time and place a person was born and their parents’ identity at the time – gender, Oger said, should not be included.

“Gender identity is not determinable, even sex is not determinable at birth in 100 per cent of the cases,” Oger said. “Sex designation is not something that’s measurable by doctor.”
Oger identifies as a female. But was identified by documentation as a male until last year, when she changed it to female on her provincial documentation 1.5 years ago, and on her federal documentation this year.

“Yet my birth certificate, that I’ve had to hand out a number of times says male on it, until now. So now my proof of identity can say female. But all the documentation in the past has said male.”

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