Monday, 8 June 2015

Christine Jorgensen Article Response

Christine Jorgensen is one of the first Widely recognized American transgendered woman, born in 1926 she underwent her sexual reassignment surgery in the 1950's. A famous entertainer and idol for the LGBTQ community Christine had beaten the odds of a bigoted society. What really made Christine stand out from other transgendered Americans at the time was how open she made her operation and story. Giving information to the press, the American people for the first time were able to have a glimpse into the life of a transsexual. Because of her openness with regard to her surgery she became the subject of ridicule and mocking. Many people were not ready to accept the change that she was putting in front of them, and while most put her in a negative light she was able to do so etching amazing. Many people, after her show of bravery now understood and were able to come to terms with their transsexuality. More and more people became open to the concept and slowly but surely small support communities were popping up all over America. She is an icon and a staple for the trans community and here actions were able to bring better quality treatment and lives to people with the same problems she had to face.

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